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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hong Kong Haas power! Travis Darrow supports the Annual Cal/Haas Banking and Finance event with alumni and MBA students

Dear Cal and Haas Banking and Finance Executives,

Happy new year 2010! For several years we've hosted a great event for our Banking and Finance executives in Hong Kong when the Berkeley Haas MBA students visit on their China trek company visits. This has ranged from a dinner talk by Waverly Ding, in 2007 at the Yellow Door, and happy hour at Armani Bar in 2008. Hong Kong Haas power gets stronger every year! : )

During their Hong Kong visit the University of California Berkeley, Haas School of Business MBA students this week are meeting with Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Nomura, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, and Citi to discuss their internships in the summer and jobs after graduation. Their first day meetings was capped off by catching up with banking and finance alumni at this event!

On Jan 5 from 7pm - 9pm we rocked the Chater House, Armani Bar. Some of the (about 50) alumni guests from the HK Banking and Finance field included:
• Catherine Ho, Nomura
• Geetika Pannu, HSBC
• Kong Wong, China Everbright
• James Man, Director, Inter-Asia Venture Management
• Jake Turner, The Lawyer, Citi Asia
• Jiffiry Chandra, Partner CIO, Income Partners
• John Yu, Director, Keywise Capital
• Phil Tran, Private Equity
• Raymond Kei, MSCIBarra
• Stewart Ballard, MD, Sindicatum Private Equity
• Tricia Tran, AVP, Credit Suisse
• Winston Cheng, MD, Goldman Sachs
• Zhenzhen Qi, MSCIBarra
• 14 MBA students from Haas and Ainka Fulani from Career Services
• Travis Darrow, Berkeley Club of Hong Kong : )
• Conspicuously absent?  MBAs Freeman Ding and Bernie Murphy

We actually were not the only such party at this venue that night. NYU Stern had a big sign projected on the wall in the back lounge and a little sign in front of the entire bar entrance. Supposedly MIT was also having an event at Armani bar too. But both those sections were fairly empty compared to our display of Haas power. There were even reports of MIT and NYU students asking to join our event. However, I did not see or hear this first hand myself. No problem for us if they want to join. Berkeley is famous for having an open culture and confidence without attitude. Also the US top Universities alumni associations in Hong Kong have much love for each other here. Obviously the overall pool of US alumni here is smaller than in the US so it makes sense but also the alumni association culture seems to be more active with US Universities compared to other regions Universities. It’s an interesting phenomenon I should write about more..

After this week, their next stop is Shanghai which makes sense as I’ve written about the ShangKong finance connection in the past:

Along with the requests from companies to get in touch with these students about summer and post graduation employment their visit also reconnected me with them related to the Haas Asia Business Conference 2010 and working with one of this year’s organizers, Siong Ang.

Congratulations to the HAN-Hong Kong Organizing Committee: James Man, Fred Lam, Richard An, Amy Fung and Beidi Zheng.

Here is also a link to the event pix and many previous year's events.  Enjoy:

Best regards and go bears!
-Travis Darrow

Berkeley Club of Hong Kong
External Relations Officer
M: +852-6718-1339

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